About Little Fort Media in Northern Lake County

Little Fort Media started offering its services to the Northern Lake County area in 1978. In those days, we were mainly working on educational film strips. Over the years we've slowly evolved into the amazingly helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly communications resource that you know and love, and we're still located in downtown Waukegan.
One reason we've managed to stay in business so long, is that we're always attempting to stay ahead of the market. This means we're always working on new media, adapting to the changing technology. For instance, we've recently started offering animation services.
Of course, while the company has changed in the services we offer, we still take great pride in our ability to treat our customers like family and we still take part in the downtown Waukegan events.
If you want to know more about our company, please call Little Fort Media, located in Waukegan, Illinois at (847) 244-9666.