Graphic Design Services in Northern Lake County



If we just need to choose an attractive font and add a tag line for a quick business card, the cost may be only $50.
Much of the logo work we do is creating hi-res logos for printing from lo-res web logos. Or creating "vector" images that can be economically printed in one or two colors from "raster" images that would otherwise require full color printing.


When Little Fort began in 1978 we were actually making educational filmstrips (!) for the school market. We moved to slide presentations and then to video.
We are happy to start at any stage of the process: we can write and image the whole darned thing or just dress up your completed plain-vanilla bullet points. In either case we are used to the crisis nature of presentations ... we know it was due yesterday!
Of course we can also print and bind up your handouts. And we do poster presentations.

Cards and Invitations

Postcards are a terrific advertising tool. Of course, we do tons of business cards.
We shoot copy images of artist's portfolios for juried art shows and for prints for sale. They also use the images for greeting cards and ceramic tiles.
For more information regarding our graphic design services, please call Little Fort Media located in Northern Lake County at (847) 244-9666.