Video Services in Northern Lake County


Film Transfers to DVD

8mm, Super8, 16mm, BUHL Multiplexer
Splicing Charge: $2 Per Splice
Transfer Charge: $.15 per foot (there are approx. 1200 feet per hour)
Output to Disk or to VHS charge: $25

Programmatic Image Transfers

Photo Scans | $4/image For Video Resolution
Slide Scans | $5/Image For Video Resolution
Titles approx | $10 each
Sequencing | $75/hour
Add Music | $75/hour
(we will ONLY use music that is not copyright protected, that is, music from our collection that we own the rights to use or that we can purchase from equivalent music library sources)

Format Transfers

VHS, SuperVHS, 8mm, Hi-8mm, Mini-DV, D-9, DVD
*Pricing depends on quantity and length

International Format Transfers to DVD

(we unfortunately cannot go the other direction, but we recommend Master Images in Northbrook, Illinois)

$25 first hour

DVD/CD Duplication

*Includes printing on disk and a plastic jewel case

Up to 10 | $10 each
11-20 | $9 each.

*larger quantities and special packaging available

Video Editing

Our video editing services run | $90/hour
For more information regarding our video services, please call Little Fort Media located in Northern Lake County at
(847) 244-9666